Friday, October 28, 2011


We just found out we have an assigned court date!
November 15, 10 AM Bulgaria time, the judge will hear our case.
I'm so excited.
We are coming as soon as we can, boys.


Friday, October 21, 2011

Mid October update

We got wonderful news from our Attorney yesterday, that our 2nd stage dossier should have the needed signatures completed by the end of this week. That would be today. We are praying that is the case. After that, it will be forwarded to the courts for assignment to a judge, and that judge assigns a date and time for the hearing. There has been a backlog in that process from the summer holiday, but it seems to be clearing up now, so we are hoping that court will be scheduled within the next couple of weeks.

A very good "e-friend" was able to visit briefly with Christopher (Martin) a week ago, and both she and our attorney said he looks great. The sores on his face are gone, he is walking steadily, he has been moved to a "higher functioning" group and is now feeding himself. We are so excited to hear of the growth of our little boy, especially the part of him not causing harm to himself any more. We believed while we were there that this was caused by boredom, and caretakers also said he only did this when he was left alone. So, maybe now, he has more interaction and can develop.

Can't wait to get these guys home!


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

More Waiting

I got word today that the Article 5 letters, translated and authenticated, have made it to the MOJ, and now another waiting period begins. Current estimates are 30 days for the final signatures required on our stage 2 dossier documents before it can be transferred to the court system for a hearing. It looks like, right now, it is taking about 20 days from that point until the court hearing is conducted (assuming, of course, that all necessary paperwork has arrived, on time, to the judge, and the judge does not need any additional paperwork!) then 10 days after that, we should be able to be bringing our boys HOME. So, right now, OUR best guess is the beginning of December. That is OUR best guess. Nothing official.  We are praying that the required signatures can be expedited somehow, since Deyan's condition is fragile. We understand that the only adoptions being processed right now are for children with severe special needs, but we also know that some needs require more immediate attention, and we hope that the MOJ can see that as well.

One step at a time....