Wednesday, December 14, 2011

2 day update (the power is off..yay);

Yesterday was a full day of no appointments, just chilling in the hotel with the 2 boys.  Breakfast is a mix we are calling poupourri –just because that is how it looks like it would be pronounced in English.  It is a mix of (yay power is back on!!) bread, green tea, sugar, cheese and butter. I know, iew, right?  I took down the paper schedule that Deyan’s orphanage gave to us; my mom said that the schedule is a country wide outline that each orphanage is supposed to follow.  So, assuming each director did their job, each boy should be pretty close to the same as far as schedule expectations and such.  I think Deyan is just not a big breakfast eating type of guy.  He takes a good 20-30 mins to wake up completely.  During this time he babbles to himself and gently tickles and rubs his arms and belly, especially around his belly button.  I help him out a bit but he mostly just wants to sit on my lap and do it himself.  The kindly man who works what seems to be everywhere in the hotel made the mish mash and brought it up to the room with James.  Martin LOVED it.  The cheese is as close to Feta as I can describe; it’s very crumbly, solid white and thick.  Deyan didn’t eat any of it but ate a yogurt at around 9:30 or 10.  He’s been rubbing his ears a lot and after about 30 mins of a dose of Tylenol he stops so I’m guessing it’s an earache.  He’s got a cold; green snotty nose, congested and phelmy cough so earache fits the shoe quiet well.  Snacks are a yogurt, half a banana and sometimes 8 little vanilla wafer like crackers, or no cookies.  Martin loves walking up and down the stairs; he more likes being carried but he can walk and he will.  I give in and carry sometimes but tell him in Bulgarian to say “up”.  *FAMILY: ANOTHER THING TO LEARN TO SAY IS “say” IN BULGARIAN* that is helpful.  After only a few tries he successfully says “uhh” and puts his arms up to us when he wants up.  He can vocalize and has the ability to talk so we are requesting an “uhhh” sound (at minimum) for any up motion coming from us.  He can be stubborn, but what kid isn’t at times?  He definitely prefers James and my dad; dad more than James and James more than me.  I’m the last resort, pretty much, but that’s okay because he needs to get really attached and familiar with James and dad.  He picks me last usually because I am pretty demanding of vocalizations.  Call me “Mrs. Meanie”.  Martin raged again, but it wasn’t with as much force and intensity as the first night.  Deyan kept putting his arms and hands out to me to be picked up; how can I turn down a kid who spent 6 years being ignored and left alone to cry for who knows how long?!  I picked him up every time; first I kissed him and told him “I love you” in Bulgarian.  He would put his head on my shoulder, give me his mouth or cheek to kiss and put his arms do you say no?!  Earlier in the day we went out for a walk..Martin was with my dad in his arms and I was pushing Deyan..Martin was overwhelmed with all the vehicles (he LOVES watching them from the window) so dad and James took him back to the room..within 3 mins of them being gone Deyan fell asleep in the stroller.  I walked back to the hotel and sat in the lobby with him sleeping in the stroller for about 40 mins..about an hour nap.  At about 20 to midnight my dad woke up and suggested a warm bath.  I went to run the water and when I came back out he said to let him be; to watch him but that he is looking like he’ll fall asleep.  Luckily, around midnight he did.  I tried putting him in the stroller again and walking the halls but apparently people can smoke in the hallways.  I am out of network with my insurance and I cannot go to the hospital here so we stayed in the hotel room. It was 1am before I got to bed; I showered, did dishes, washed clothes and hung them, folded dry clothes and collected my sanity. 
Last one asleep but I got to doze in and out for about 10 mins, which was nice.  I made mish mash this time and again Deyan didn’t want breakfast but ate a pudding for snack and chowed down on lunch, afternoon snack and dinner.  Dad made a few trips to the store, which was a nice break for him.  I walked 8 flights of stairs with Martin I’m sure what had to be close to 10 times today.  Up and down, up and down.  He loved riding the stroller…he wore gloves and didn’t throw them; just watched all the cars, trucks, busses and trollies go past.  Deyan slept for about an hour with dad in the room while James and I had Martin out for a walk.  (lucky dad!) At lunch we gave Martin a Dramamine, sometimes it can hype kids up.  He sat nicely for the stroller and a few hours after; but he’s getting Deyan’s cold and feels crummy.  He’s given himself a bruise where is old open wound was.  I think that area is still sensitive and doesn’t take a lot to bruise…just 1 hit in the right way.  James played with Deyan while I walked with Martin up and down the stairs some more.  Every step we took I exaggerated my steps and said, “dobre, bravo Martin!” Then with the next step translated it to English, “Good, good job Martin!” Gotta start working on that English little guys!  Deyan does not like to share!  Every toy that Martin gets, Deyan wants to take.  Luckily Martin doesn’t mind Deyan taking it (does he notice he’s younger? Fear of reprimand? Doesn’t give 2 monkies butts about the toy??) and Deyan will slowly move all the toys into “his section” of the room; which is pretty much wherever Martin is not.  Because Deyan does not walk he needs to move things in shifts..1 toy at a time to different “pit stops” while he brings the rest of the toys..then keeps going.  Pretty fun to watch but need to now study my cheat sheet for “share with your brother” sayings.  *FAMILY..STUDY!!!*  Martin was fading fast in the evening; we managed to sneak in some Tylenol; hi s scabs were hurting him and he was uncomfortable.  He ate 2 pudding cups, with Tylenol and melatonin, and got rubbed down with night time lotion.  I took Deyan in for a bath but when I brought him in to his crib, Martin woke up full force.  After the power went off and came back on I changed Martin.  Come to find out, I think he has worms.  Poor baby has been getting Mirlax, or something like it, the past few days and has only had 1 good sized BM.  Mom and Em agree it is probably worms; but there is nothing we can do until he gets here except feed him and love him.  He’s getting a lot of both!  It is now almost 1 am and Martin is still awake; the Dramamine had adverse side effects afterwards…we tried it now so we’d know these things.  Dad asked me to take a turn with him for a bit; I got him to sleep after a bit but then he woke back up when I tried to put him in his crib.  Dad got him laying down while I was just skyping with my husband, Sean, and we had all the lights out and I bumped into a bottle that clanked into another bottle.  Nothing fell and broke but 1 clank was all it took to wake him back up. I’M SORRY PAPA!!  So it looks like I’ll be waiting out the storm before I go to sleep…I’m with you, pop!!! Tomorrow we meet with the doc in the morning; hopefuilly he can look in ears and stuff and prescribe meds so the airplane ride doesn’t make their heads want to explode.  We also have the Embassy meeting at 1:30pm.  I’m still hoping to get to see some of the city before we leave..tomorrow may be the last day!! Here’s hoping!!! 
Catch you all on the flip side J  

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  1. Marie, it doesn't sound like you are getting any sleep at all! Those little men have so much energy! All I can say is you're amazing. Love that you haven't lost your sense of humor!! Hang in there - you're almost at the finish line!