Saturday, December 10, 2011

First Full Day with Deyan--by Marie

A full day with Deyan and I can’t wait for him to wake up tomrrow for another day!
He is so precious, I could eat him with a spoon, or spork for that matter!  He is so loving, sweet and easy going!  We went to the Billa (or Barilla or Brillo, I can’t keep it straight) for more food for him.  We walked, he strolled in the umbrella stroller.  He was good for the walk there  but his poor hands got cold, I think.  He went in the cart nicely but showed me he wanted up and out about half way through.  I will honor just about any request right now, to show him communication gets you things you want and need.  He wanted to walk, do his robot dance and smile and giggle and how can you say no to that!?  On the way home it was a bit more of a struggle.  He was getting teary, which I am assuming is from the cold more than discomfort because he showed no other signs of discomfort.  I held him most of the way back, after papa had a turn in the beginning.  He snuggled in to my shoulder and arm in the beginning then wanted to face outward or on his stomach the rest of the way.  I kept telling him, in Bulgarian, that he’s a good boy, that I love him and that he’s handsome because that’s all I know, but he seemed to respond to it.  Not directly, verbally or gesturally but emotionally he seemed to understand he was safe with me and in a calm place even though his surroundings were a bit crazy.  That is FANTASTIC to observe; to know that he is forming a bond with us and trusts that we will keep him safe.  It brings tears to my eyes to think about him. 
He ate like a monster again; GREAT!  He loved the coffee cake with milk (3 squares), oatmeal (2 instant packages), yogurt with honey.  HE also loved his bath this morning; he knew to wash his hair in the tub with no prompts.  He took water in his tiny hands and put it on his head and rubbed his hair.  He LOVED the tub; played in the running water from the faucet and slid around in the basin.  I can’t get over his cuteness and how much I love him. J 
While he tried to nap papa and James got durners (sp?) that are as big as my face.  Seriously. 
Lotion is something that Deyan LOVES.  I showered and was putting on lotion and he came right over.  I put lotion on him after his bath this morning and he loved it, too.  In remembrance of grandma (RIP) I heated it up in the sink in hot water and he couldn’t get enough of me putting it in my hands and he would put his hands on mine and rub his hands up and down my arms then want me to rub the lotion on his arms , elbows and sometimes up his bicep and shoulders.  Not too much, and he’s so skinny that it makes me cry to put lotion on him, but he loves it. J
Deyan does the robot dance which I also am in love with.  He takes your fingers or thumbs and dances with them, moving them back and forth, squatting every once in a while and giggling.  Sometimes he’ll do a silly movement similar to swimming.  He just cracks up; which makes us laugh which makes him laugh more.  And that is awesome J
James and I went to the Opera while papa and Deyan tried to sleep.  Apparently he was robot dancing to keep himself awake.  He’s skipping his naps, which is fine but he needs that down, quiet time. 
I showed him how to brush his teeth; of course he wanted my tooth brush, which is fine J so I layed with him and brushed with his and he used mine.  He more chewed on the bristles after he learned I was going to say “no” when he tried to chew on the handle.  He did great and we mirrored each other for about 10 mins with the toothbrush.  Each time he mirrored me he got a “dobre!! Dobre bravo, Deyan!” Which seemed to encourage him as long as it was not too loud J
He also seems to have an aversion to bright lights, which I get, too. But just FYI mama J
I can’t say enough how much I love this kid.
James and I went to the opera tonight; 10USD for 7th row tickets; can’t beat that!  We caught a cab up there and stayed for the show, after I conveyed to cabbie we wanted the opera, which I did by saying “opera, laaaa laaa laaa!!!”.  We also got a cab to the Happy Grill, which was fun, because cabbie had NO idea what we wanted!  Cab ride home was interesting.  After discussing skanks with James the cabbie tried to say we owed him 10 leva for the ride home. I said, “no, last ride was 2 leva” he said, “Fine, 7 leva” and I told James to get out of the cab.  I asked for a receipt, which he didn’t have because he never started the meter.  He tried to tell me again that it was 7 leva, I told him again, “No, last ride was 2 leva, nice try, I’m from Las Vegas.  You get an A for effort, though!”  He finally said, “okay 2 leva” and we were on our way.  I was ticked he tried to take advantage but proud of myself that I didn’t let him get away with it! J 
Made it to the hotel with Deyan fast asleep, talking in his sleep (mama, how do I upload a video with audio of Deyan sleep talking?) and now I’m off to bed!  Mass and Christmas market tomorrow!:) I miss you all, my lovely family, but we are bringing home 2 new, perfect additions! J

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  1. Oh, we can't wait to meet this little lovie. He sounds like a wonderful child.

    Baby girl is thriving here, but still not sleeping well (which only bothers us, not her) and big brother continues to be the squeaky wheel, but getting better (or so it seems).

    We miss you!