Thursday, December 8, 2011

Greetings from Burgas

Greetings from Burgas J
After 12 hours of sleep and breakfast with coffee I am feeling more like myself.  We met a family in the restaurant who just adopted their 3 year old son and was he cute! At one point his mom and dad were both getting something from the breakfast nook, which was literally 10 steps away, and the 3 year old was talking to their 6 year old, who clearly had no clue what the poor 3 year old was saying! Before we went back up to our room we went over to say good bye and papa was able to talk to their new son, who’s eyes lit up when he heard dad ask him how he is doing in Bulgarian.  The cd he bought has given him the skills to chat with a 3 year old!!! (which is about all we need.)  Back to the room to pack; James can’t remember where he packed anything or if things got packed at all.  He was reminded of his duties as “know where everything is at all times” and “poopy diaper helper”. 
The ride to Burgas was uneventful, which is the way I like car rides to be.  Made 1 stop at a gas station for a quick lunch of chicken ham in a wrap (don’t know if it was chicken, ham or both) and water while James and papa shared a salami sandwich and coke and fanta.  Random steering wheel jerks aside, it was a fairly smooth ride.  Driving about 10 miles under the speed limit got really old really fast so I took a few naps.  About 4 hours later we arrive in Burgas at Hotel Aqua and check into our room.  It has 3 single beds, which will be nice for me because I have the pull out couch for the remainder of the trip! 
Really bummed we all fell asleep last night before we could skpe with the boys but we did get to see mama and talk to her for a bit.  We have church at 5pm, which we will cab it to, then hopefully find Starbucks (I sure could use a pick me up!) and dinner.  We are holding off on going down to the Black Sea until tomorrow morning after we pick up Deyan, because we are going to take him to do some pictures.  NO sense in drudging into the cold, dreary nearing darkness to the cold water if we are doing it tomorrow!  Dinner will be at the hotel most likely, which is okay with me because they have wifi in the lobby, but not in the rooms. 
I am taking as much vitamin c as I can absorb, I have a scratchy feeling in my ears and the back of my throat.  Hopefully vitamins and rest will take care of it; I felt perfect when I woke up this morning, opposed to how I felt going to sleep, which is pretty close to how I feel now.  Suck it up and be a trooper, I hear Emily telling me that as she’s reading this, so I will do just that J

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