Monday, December 5, 2011

And They're Off....well, almost

Tomorrow Jim, James and Marie leave for Bulgaria to bring Christopher Martin and Deyan back home. I really wish I were going, but this time, I will be home with Matt, Joey, and Jacob, ably assisted by Emily, as we wait for our family to be whole.
I've asked Marie to blog here for me, for a woman's perspective on the activities surrounding the pick up trip, so be sure to check in often, and leave her feedback and thoughts.
I think they are all packed. I think we have everything covered. But even if not, it will all work out.
Bye, guys....hurry safe.....I love you all!



  1. So great that Marie will be blogging. We're going to miss her here two doors up. Safe travel to Jim, James and Miss Rie!

  2. Have a safe wonderful trip. I am so happy for you. Please try to take lots of pictures.
    Hugs your RR family