Thursday, December 15, 2011

Full day of running around..with AMAZINGLY behaved children!

Woke up with everyone at around 7:50am, which was fantastic except we had to leave at 9:00am for the doctor!  Sent James down to  get his breakfast and he brought it up to the room so he could help watch the boys while I ran downstairs to make the boy’s pouppri/mish mash.  Deyan ate more this morning than he has every other morning, other than Saturday morning when he at like 5 pieces of coffee cake and about ½ cup of milk to make it mushy!  While he ate more than usual he did not eat a lot at all; maybe 8 bites.  MAYBE.  Martin, however, ate really really well!  Dad showered while I changed boys, got them dressed, finished feeding and packed up the boys.  I left my jacket and just took my scarf, an afgan from India; a gift from a friend.  I get so hot so easily and HATE being sweaty.  I’m glad that I didn’t wear my coat.  It was FLIPPING HOT in that stupid building! 
Okay, going to get political for just a sec, mom feel free to delete this part from the blog if you want to because it is my own personal view and rant…This morning was the perfect example of why Obamacare is stupid.  It was 1 building with all the doctors on different levels.  It was so impersonal. (I realize we are never going to see the doctors again, and that we are just here for an okay to enter the States but still)  The building had just about every type of doctor and was full of people at 9:20am.  Hot, over crowded building full of people with who knows what’s wrong with them or why they’re there..not being able to pick my doctor or an appointment time is NOT okay.  And apparently this was a PRIVATE clinic! Screw a “for real” public one.  And SCREW OBAMACARE. There, I’m done J And see, mama, I put it into a paragraph all its own so you can just highlight and delete if you want J 
One level down from the peds was the obgyn clinic.  I had Deyan down there while he practiced walking.  He got lots of loving looks and a woman even played ball with him for close to 5 mins.  She talked to him in Bulgarian, I could understand some of it.  She was telling him he’s handsome/beautiful, that he’s good and sweet.  She had tears in her eyes when I told her that he’s being adopted and going back to the States.  She spoke English very well and we talked for a bit.   Eye doctor, did not get their eyes dilated.  I asked if we had to and we didn’ sense in ruining their vision for a few hours and making things uncomfortable especially when they are going to have another car ride later.  Next was the what I’m assuming was the ENT, but she just looked in their ears and sent us on our way.  I know at least Deyan has an ear infection, probably Christopher, too, because I can see some drainage in his ear.  I am really mad that they didn’t say anything.  I wasn’t expecting a prescription or anything but just a “hey, he is probably in pain, try some Tylenol” is the least I expected.  The pediatrician was a very lovely gentleman.  After waiting for close to 1 hour to see him we went into his office.  He had propped a window open by using a toy block from the waiting area (which I am completely okay with) and I could see an immediate difference in both boys from even just 30 seconds in a cooler room.  Before we went in I was pacing, playing and walking with Deyan while dad walked stairs with Christopher/Martin/Marty. 
Deyan apparently had an ultrasound in August and only has 1 kidney.  From what I remember, neither of his testicles have descended either.  I’m not too worried about his kidney right now; I change his DRENCHED diapers more than Martin/Christopher/Marty.  Every morning he wakes up soaked through his diaper, onsie and footie jammies and on to his sheet.  I change him RIGHT before he goes to bed, too.  Martin/Christopher/Marty is fine, according to his “check up.”  Nobody even looked at his face from his SIB.  He’s been getting Neosporin with pain relief on it and we’ve been really good about his hands.  He gets in a few baps every once in a while but you can tell with the way he hits himself that he has to go at it for a while to create that kind of damage. 
Back to the hotel for the boy’s quick lunch, both ate well,  and caught a cab to the US Embassy.  Martin LOVES taxi rides!  He sits in the middle seat in the back so he can see out the front and will sit there with his hands on his lap and just watch; makes an occasional clicking and popping sound but very very well behaved!  Deyan saw that Martin was sitting in a seat so he wanted to sit alone, too.  After about 3 mins sitting in front of my legs that was not good enough and he wanted to sit alone next to Martin.  He sat there very nicely!!!  We met Dani at the Embassy.  After security with the boys, which was a breeze compared to any other security I’ve done (and I still felt very very safe…they just were fantastic and understood the needs of the kids and were so GREAT.) We were the first called to see the whoever we had to see to be able to come home. 
While waiting I was talking to a woman who was adopting a 5 year old boy.  The boy, she said, was classified as moderately mentally retarded.  The boy spoke clearly, though loudly, made eye contact, walked, ate well and communicated with everyone around him. The only difference between him and a typical kid that I could tell was his voice was very very very very loud.  He LOVED Deyan; wanted to give him some of his drink and share his cookies.  It was so sad to tell him that Deyan doesn’t chew and drink well at all.  He said that he would give him a drink and a banana tomorrow. J 
After 5 mins in the interview room, and the man telling us it was nice to talk to US citizen that aren’t criminals, we were on our way with the paper work in hand! Caught a cab back to the hotel and played with the boys while papa got a nice break and dinner.  I showed Martin how to pour coins from a cup to a bowl and other things like that, and he LOVED it.  HE did it with me for about 3 mins before Deyan scooted over and wanted all of my attention.  Martin was okay with James playing with him so I snuggled with Deyan. 
I am in the hotel restaurant right now having dinner, at close to 9pm, and apparently both boys went to sleep about 40 mins ago!!!!!  Deyan was POOPED, plus he got a melatonin and a Triaminic cough strip for his cold.  He was out in about 5 mins and Martin/Christopher/Marty followed suit.  James came down and helped me finish my dinner, pork medallions wrapped in bacon, broccoli (maybe the best tasting broccoli of my life) and tater tots made with for real mashed potatoes, not shredded taties.  Hopefully bed time is early tonight; I’m tired and I’m guessing that it will be an early morning because of such an easy going, early night!
Tomorrow is our last day here and dad and I were talking about doing a cab tour of the city; hopefully I can get out and take some pictures at some places.  Plus there is a Starbucks out there.  I’ve had really good coffee here at the hotel but a nice, comfort coffee (Christmas blend!!!) will be nice.  I also have gifts to get, and the Christmas-mart is still open.  Both boys like the car and both enjoy being out in the fresh air so hopefully we can get out!  There is also a traditional Buglarian restaurant down the street, as well as Happy Grill.  I vote traditional, we’re hoping the boys will be good out to eat..i guess we will find out!  Well, I am off to the room, dad says Deyan is sleep singing (I LOVE IT) so we have to be super quiet…I am going to make photo books and stuff tonight before my coupons expire ..then hopefully an early bed time!  


  1. Was the woman you met at the embassy Noreen with her son Dayn?